Council configurations


Organization of East Coast Fisheries Coordination Committee

  • 2 chairmen (Director General of ESFMS and a person elected from among committee members)
  • 6 ex officio members (1 responsible director from the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, 1 responsible director from National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, 3 directors from metropolitan municipalities and 1 official of Level 5 or higher responsible for fisheries supervision from local municipalities)
  • 13 appointed members (3 heads of fisheries cooperatives in different regions and industries, 2 representatives of fishermen, 2 academic or research professionals in fisheries or resources, 5 professionals who are fully aware of marine regulation and policies and have extensive knowledge of fishing industry to carry on fisheries coordination duty and 1 legal academic/research professional)

Expert members

  • The members of Autonomous Coordination Committee of Korea Fisheries Association are selected. If needed, the persons with extensive knowledge and experience in fisheries may be selected.

Subcommittee : The subcommittees may be formed by the committee to efficiently coordinate the disputes in the fishing industry.

  • A subcommittee is formed of around 9 members including the chairman.
  • 5 ex officio members: 1 chairman (a member of committee), 4 public official of Level 5 or higher from the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute and municipalities
  • 4 appointed members: 4 professionals with extensive practical experience and specialized knowledge and experience from the fisheries cooperatives, industries, academic/research institutes and legal field