Message from Lee Se-o,
Director-General of the East Sea Fisheries Management Service

Lee Se-o

I would like to deliver my warm-hearted welcome to all of you visiting the East Sea Fisheries Management Service’s website.
Launched in 1966 as Fisheries Enforcement Office under the Directorate of Fisheries, the original body is now divided into three fisheries services: East, West, and South.
The East Service is a domestic fisheries law enforcement organization under the umbrella of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and responsible for an area of 174,000㎢, which amounts to 40 % of the entire Korea’s EEZ. The East Service works to protect sovereignty over Korean waters and ensure the safety of fishermen, thereby contributing to bring order to the ocean in general.
On the international front, the East Sea conducts fisheries enforcement at sea in line with the provisions of the Fisheries Agreements with China and Japan, and operates Fisheries Monitoring Center (FMC) to ensure legitimate fishing operations by Korean distant water fishing vessels operating on high seas and coastal States’ waters.
On the domestic front, the East Service undertakes comprehensive fisheries administration service and manages the Fisheries Coordinating Committee to resolve conflicts between fisherman.
On our way to fulfilling our mission to achieve sustainable fisheries, the East Service will always listen to the voices heard from the fishing community and keep committing ourselves to making clean and rich oceans for future generations.
Thank you very much.