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Main Jobs
  • Establishment of fisheries order and management of marine resources through fishery supervision, prevention and control of illegal fishing, etc.
  • Management of the exclusive economic zone by implementing the provisions of the Korea-Japanese Fisheries Agreement and Korea-Chinese Fisheries Agreement.
  • Operation of FMC to prevent IUU fishing.
  • Supervision and support of safe fishing of Korean fishing boats (fisheries information and rescue and towing of ships in distress)
Contact Info
  • Office of Director General: TEL 051-410-1002 , FAX 051-410-1014
  • Control Room: TEL 051-410-1066~1071 , FAX 051-410-1073
  • Office of Fisheries Supervision Civil Service (Daebyeon Pier): TEL 051-410-1450
  • Office of Fisheries Supervision Civil Service (Gamman Pier): TEL 051-637-3341, FAX 051-637-3342
  • Jeju Fisheries Management Service: TEL 064-753-9541~2, FAX 064-753-9548
  • FMC: TEL 051-410-1402~5, FAX 051-410-1409